Founder, Mark Tyrrell,  discusses the passion and purpose behind The Sports Project.

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Our game-based coaching style creates a highly active, child-centred, nurturing environment with unlimited expectations, a growth mindset and unconditional positive regard. The children are empowered to make decisions for themselves and take ownership of their own development.



Our coherent and collaborative pedagogical approaches are built around the needs of the children and school to ensure long-term progression. Our inquiry-based and experiential strategies are reactive and built around cognitivism and constructivism.



Our project approach allows us to customise the school’s project to their needs and be agile to change at any stage.

Planning, monitoring, analysing and reporting is available to support any and all aspects of PESSPA and its links to classroom and whole school.


‘The wellbeing of our children must be a national priority right now. If we want children to ‘catch up’ in the classroom we need to ensure that they are active and are learning important life skills through PE that they can draw on to help them cope in the classroom and beyond.’

Ali Oliver, CEO, Youth Sports Trust, November 2020

We need to reimagine how we keep movement, sport and activity central to the lives of everyone.

Tim Hollingsworth, Chief Executive, Sport England

‘Carefully implemented, social and emotional learning can increase positive pupil behaviour, mental health and well-being, and academic performance.’

Sir Kevan Collins, Chief Executive, Education Endowment Foundation

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Extensive research and development have gone into The Sports Project

The Sports Project’s directors use their combined experience of 60+ years in coaching, teaching, learning and assessment, and project management to build the foundation of The Sports Project.

Delivering free trials, collaborating with schools and parents/carers, and an agile review approach have contributed to the design of The Sports Project’s scope and model.


To maximise child development, learning has been taken from areas such as child psychology, educational psychology, SEND awareness, mindfulness, and challenging behaviour.


Recommendations and guidelines have been taken from organisations, for example CASEL, Early Intervention Foundation, Education Endowment Foundation, National Children’s Bureau, Youth Sports Trust and Sport England, plus the DfE and Education Inspection Framework.

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The important elements that constitute all The Sports Project’s delivery.

High Quality Instruction

Universal (whole class), Targeted (small group) and After-school Club Sessions.


Mental (SEL), Academic (embedding Maths & English) and Physical Health (sports development & fitness). Aims in every session.

Personalised Learning

Collaboration with teachers, SENDCo and Pastoral Lead to identify strategies and interventions for individualisation and differentiation of learning.

The World Around ME

British Values, Equality & Diversity are promoted throughout every session.

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Additional elements to ensure a needs-led approach and allow for more development opportunities.

Additional delivery

Offering before-school, lunchtime, and out-of-school sessions to maximise The Sports Project’s impact.


Prioritising PE within the Physical Health Aims to meet National Curriculum targets, either following the school’s Scheme of Work or designing a bespoke one for the school, and collaborating with other PE delivery by teachers and/or external providers.

Needs-led SEL

Collaborating with teachers, SENDCo and Pastoral Lead to prioritise and monitor SEL Aims.

Classroom Links

Maximising benefits of The Sports Project by using classroom themes, targeted core subject learning objectives, PSHE, 21 Century Learning Design and school values to drive delivery.

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Ways that The Sports Project can have impact across the whole school.

Integration & Modelling

Following opportunities to link the transferable skills and behaviours learnt with The Sports Project across a range of subject areas in the classroom.

Management Information

Tracking, monitoring, evaluating, and reporting on all delivery, including impact analysis, case studies and individualised reports.

Whole school links

Utilising the benefits of The Sports Project by meeting KPIs in a range of reports, such as Whole School Improvement Plans, PE & Sport Premium and Ofsted.


Support a schoolwide environment around expectations, routines, and policies to promote active, healthy lifestyles and positive mental health at all times, by all staff.



Long-term plans for the school’s partnership with The Sports Project

Providing training and support to all school staff to build confidence and knowledge in the delivery of any chosen aspects of The Sports Project.

Families and Caregivers

Forming authentic partnerships to reinforce the child’s Mental, Academic and Physical Development and benefit from their expertise of the child’s development, experiences, culture, and learning needs.


Providing the children with exit routes to local clubs and organisations, where support and connections will be given for further development.


Using the data collected to identify themes and trends between other The Sports Project partnership schools, either locally or within trusts and federations, by using methods such as benchmarking and sharing best practice.



"I like how the coach gives constant verbal feedback, positive praise and constructive criticism in order for them to know how to develop and what to continue doing well"

Year 5 Teacher

"Helped children to develop their own positive thoughts to build resilience"

Year 4 Teacher

"Every school should have The Sports Project!"

Head Teacher


"Purposeful, scaffolded and repetitive"

Year 1Teacher

"Children developed emotionally and socially"

Year 2 Teacher

"I liked the coach’s commitment to get children to think for themselves"

Year 5 Teacher


"It has allowed our teachers to ‘buy back lessons’ by supporting classroom learning”

Head Teacher

"It is surprising how much having someone else chipping away at learning objectives, helps"

Year 3 Teacher

"I would recommend The Sports Project to every school"


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Due to our governance as a Community Interest Company, The Sports Project operate with a limited capacity and eligibility criteria to ensure the highest quality and maximum impact for all our Partner Schools.

Does your school believe that sport and physical activity can be used to:

  • Teach SEL skills explicitly?

  • Support classroom learning?

  • Promote active, healthy lifestyles?

If the answer is YES to the all the questions above, please use the link below to arrange an online meeting to discuss the needs of your children, teachers, and school.

Then, if required, we could organise a free demo day for you witness children’s mental, academic and physical demonstration in action.

At only £149 for one of our Child Development Mentors for a school day of essential delivery, plus any number of enhancements and extensions.

Also, Partner Schools do not sign contracts, so are able to withdraw at any time that they feel that the benefits are not being realised.



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